Another Prize-winning Patron

Photographer James Roe was on College Avenue last winter when he saw something worth another look and photographed the scene.

The judges at the 2014 Mercer County Fair saw something worth another look, too. Mr. Roe's work won Fourth Place in the "Scenes of Mercer County" category and is on display at the library.

A Wet Antique Days Book Sale

It was a dark and stormy night....

Well, actually, it was a dark and stormy morning when the Antique Days Book Sale began.

But storms don't last forever. Soon, the neighborhood was bustling with activity...

...and hundreds of book lovers dried out in the basement.

Oh, that Rascal.

Rascal, the official mascot of the Quad Cities River Bandits paid a visit to the Mercer Carnegie Library on August 16. Our furry friend is a good patron; he even remembered to bring his library card.

Rascal wishes a happy fifth birthday to Evan Clark.

Keamiah King and Rascal share a good book.